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Announcing ProVision 6.0 and new Infoblox Connector

by | November 17, 2016

San Jose, CA – November 17, 2016 – The 6connect team is excited to announce that its Infoblox Connector, which will benefit customers running hybrid infrastructures, will be available in December 2016 as part of ProVision 6.0. This provides a fast way to bring together various DNS, DHCP and IPAM infrastructure data into a central place with more robust permissions and a simplified API.

ProVision 6.0 is debuting a completely new DNS Control module with complete integration into ProVision Resource Manager. Co-developed with several customers, this update provides end users with an extensible permissions structure down to not just DNS zones, but even DNS zone records and specific record types. Coupled with ProVision’s IP Address Allocation/Assignment and DHCP Control modules, Service Providers and Enterprises can leverage ProVision for unparalleled flexibility in API-driven provisioning workflows that are the new reality for next generation infrastructure.

The new ProVision DNS Control module also includes an initial release of our Infoblox Connector. It was also built alongside some of our global customers that are managing mixed DDI environments. 6connect will also be posting our Infoblox SDK to our github account to help others with their integration efforts. While the initial release of the Infoblox Connector will focus on basic administration and provisioning of IP addresses and DNS zones, future releases will augment these capabilities and enable DHCP Scope management as well.

“We are excited to release our Infoblox Connector not only for ProVision customers, but to the open source community.” said 6connect CEO, Aaron Hughes. “This Connector was driven by our customers who are running head first into the management headaches presented by hybrid infrastructures, and having flexibility to manage DDI is a looming issue that affects Service Providers and Enterprises.”

6connect will be releasing ProVision 6.0 in December 2016. Stay tuned for future updates, and contact us for any product inquiries at


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