DHCP Controller

  • Flexible DHCP control platform that doesn't require replacing your current infrastructure
  • Secure deployment of configuration files with your choice of local or cloud deployment

The ProVision DHCP Controller Module is a carrier grade approach to DHCP that maintains uptime without sacrificing performance or security for enterprises and service providers. With an easy to use GUI, powerful API and support for ISC and Cisco CPNR, Service Providers and Enterprises get an integrated solution for provisioning, without having to replace/reinvent their back end DHCP architectures.


  • Support redundant DHCP capabilities (ISC and Cisco CPNR) with multiple failover scenarios
  • Built in logging provides history per IP and Device via searchable interface (accessible via REST API, syslog output or GUI)
  • DHCPv6 support
  • Multiple authentication options for integration (LDAP, RADIUS, API, etc.)
  • Built-in offsite backups (optional) for additional compliance requirements
  • Can work with existing DHCP infrastructure or greenfield builds
  • Role-based permissions for simple administration delegation

User Benefits

  • Complete integration with IPAM and DNS Controller Modules gives you flexible controls based on your administrative requirements
  • GUI based management system integrated with ProVision IPAM, DNS Controller and Resource Manager solutions, enables comprehensive provisioning and management of network addresses and assets
  • Centralized configuration management for DHCP server(s) with version control and easy file comparisons
  • Dedicated Service Provisioning functionality to safely automate business processes without impacting technical workflows (Optional)

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