Peering Manager

  • Powerful peering communication automation and BGP session management - integrated with PeeringDB exchange data
  • One-click BGP session configuration across global peering exchanges and routers for easy automation of typical peering tasks

6connect’s Peering Manager Module provides a unique workflow integration opportunity for Network Operations teams and Provisioning. Built as a ProVision module, 6connect’s Peering Manager is able to take advantage of the easy API-driven integration options in addition to leveraging ProVision’s native multi-tenant environment. This means that data shared between groups stays in the same place and minimizes the back and forth that introduces errors and reduces the level of service expected by peering partners.

The Peering Module supports a range of router types with more being added as customer request them. The built-in Communication Manager allows for easy tracking of peering requests for prospective peers along with other options. When peers have been positively identified, simply select “Configure Multiple” and ProVision will give you the option to push the configuration changes to the connected routers immediately or within a scheduled maintenance window.


  • Peering Communications Manager provides complete list of Peers at each exchange and can send out requests on your behalf
  • For Approved Peers, ProVision can immediately configure BGP sessions for the peer across all your exchanges and router infrastructure – even if they use different vendors.
  • Peering Session Manager provides simple interface to see session status by Peer, Router and by Exchange
  • Imports peer groups (IPv4 and IPv6) from existing routers
  • Updates ASN information for contact data, manages ASN at IRR Filtering, and finds missing sessions per ASN and Exchange
  • Supports Multiple ASNs
  • Configures peering sessions automatically and sends down session information and alerts to NMS
  • Monitors BGP peering session state globally
  • Routers supported: Cisco (including IOS XR), Juniper, Brocade, with Vyatta and Arista coming soon
  • API driven architecture allows for GUI driven workflows or integration with other systems

User Benefits

ProVision peering automation allows for streamlined management of peering connections and identification of peering opportunities for your ASN. We use data from your routing infrastructure and exchange points to generate peering request lists based on the criteria you specify using PeeringDB profile data. Depending on the level of integration, we can automate session turn-ups as well as route discovery to optimize your peering strategy. Our solution functions as a standalone installation or can integrate seamlessly with a 6connect ProVision deployment for more robust provisioning requirements.

Peering Manager Screenshot

Peering Manager Screenshot

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