6connect Global Commander

Centralized network infrastructure visibility and control

Leverages the infrastructure you already have, reducing operational risks

A Single Pane of Glass for Distributed Infrastructure

Hybrid DDI. Distributed Systems. Expanding Networks. Spreadsheets.

Network Infrastructure supports global workforces across every business unit. Historically, visibility into these disparate worlds has required manual intervention. 6connect has distilled core automation and provisioning features into a new product, 6connect Global Commander.

Global Enterprises have a provisioning problem, but their tools have consisted of deploying multiple platforms and resisting integration. Per Group, per Technology Platform – there are so many variations that it is impossible for IT to keep up, so they find themselves in a challenging position. Do they stand in the way of the enterprise’s IT progress, or do they step aside and let every group do what they want?

Enter 6connect’s Global Commander, with its extensive connector library, it seamlessly interacts with and controls a variety of DDI platforms, including 6connect ProVision instances. This allows Enterprise IT Teams to deploy multi-vendor DDI environments in their organization without losing visibility or business agility.

How Does 6connect Global Commander Work?

Unprecedented Visibility and Control Across Hybrid Networks


Leverage existing data sources and infrastructure for fast ROI


6connect Global Commander delivered via VM or through the 6connect SecureCloud


REST API gives developers the fastest path to integration with a scalable interface to connect to legacy tools


Multi-tenant environment allows for fast visibility without compromising security

Deployment options for 6connect Global Commander are simple as it works with the DDI systems that you already have in place. Since Global Commander is built on the 6connect Global Asset Management System, downstream DDI platforms are merely treated as data sources with control options. The REST API makes integration efforts straightforward as you look to modernize your infrastructure without risking your production environments and disrupting operational processes.

6connect also provides an integrated Connector Library to support a variety of third party DDI platforms. This allows Global Commander to seamlessly consolidate information among disparate systems, with the addition of optional Controller Modules for doing even more automated tasks.

6connect Global Commander Benefits

Global Visibility of Infrastructure
By centralizing DDI visibility, 6connect customers have unprecedented insights into their
disparate systems immediately.

Leverages Current Infrastructure
Global Commander works with the infrastructure you already have, reducing operational risks.

Ease of Deployment
Flexible subscription model provides predictable costs with room to grow within your budgeted tier – say goodbye to per seat or per object pricing surprises.

Bring Visibility to Disparate Groups
Getting on the same page as your infrastructure has never been easier – Global Commander lets you delegate views to users/groups and leverage your existing AD/RADIUS systems.

Live IPv4 Inventories
IPv4 runout is real and you need to know where you IPs are and how utilization is trending – let Global Commander give you peace of mind without interfering in your day to day work.

Preparation for the Future of IPv6
Part of every IPv6 deployment is identifying candidates for IP renumbering, migration or merging – Global Commander increases transparency for your long-term goals, without burdening operational teams with yet another tool.

Customizable Dashboard

6connect Global Commander customizable Dashboard

Real-time Visualizations

Real-time Visualizations

You have IPv6!

You’re on IPv4.