Resource Manager

  • Flexible resource architecture with customizable views across any resource in any datacenter
  • Integrated object-based permissions for unified global access to assets and network provisioning workflows

Now that you have a global Resource Manager that understands complex hierarchies and their metadata, you can tie in global permissions along with your provisioning workflows. From IP addresses, to Contacts or DNS zones, Assets have complete integration with all of your network elements – all in one interface, across all of your datacenters. 6connect ProVision ’s Resource Management foundation will allow you to accurately track and view your assets in real time, building rack level views that are intricately tied to your IPAM platform and any other metadata you care to store.


  • Container based system is adaptable to the most complex requirements
  • Create unlimited custom object types with unlimited custom fields
  • Real-time filtered search for easy tracking
  • Manage IP information (IPv4 and IPV6) with address validation
  • Manage hostname information with automated forward and reverse zone updates
  • Integrated permissions for complex environments and user scenarios
  • API allows integration with other OSS/BSS systems for additional automation of provisioning workflows
  • Track physical and virtual datacenter elements on a global scale, including cross-connects, datacenters, servers, contracts and even virtual interfaces
  • Assign network resources on the fly to any resource, any where with ProVision tags

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