Professional Services

6connect’s professional services managed team has over a decade of experience implementing IPv6 networks.

The 6connect team has over a decade of experience implementing IPv6 networks and have witnessed the gradual depletion of the IPv4 paradigm. Our professional services team has helped clients increase profitability and better align their network systems to reduce maintenance costs and headaches.

Learn from Our Expertise

From “power to packet,” we bring a unique perspective to technology infrastructure that brings efficiency, knowledge, and automation to the forefront.

IPv6 Training

Given the need for IPv6 education, we’ve put together a modular curriculum to address the needs of the smallest enterprise to the largest ISP. We offer extensive customization and lab programs to ensure that what you learn in training applies to your current environment.

IPv6 Implementation

From dual-stacked environments to IPv6 migration and implementation, the 6connect team has the track record to deal with a variety of legacy environments and can assist an internal team in developing a strategy to implement IPv6 or can serve as an outsourced partner to manage network peering infrastructure.

DNS Architecture

Have DNS implementation questions? Let our operational experience with a variety of architectures help provide some guidance. From simple redundancy scenarios to Anycast DNS architectures, we can help.

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