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Changing the Game – Part 2 – The Infoblox Connector!

by | October 20, 2016


One Connector that has been requested time and time again is an Infoblox Connector. We are happy to announce the first release of our Infoblox Connector in ProVision 6.0 (coming in November 2016). We have many customers running hybrid infrastructures, so this provides a fast way to bring together various DNS, DHCP and IPAM infrastructure data into a central place with more robust permissions and a simplified API. This all ties back to our unified vision for easier internet infrastructure management and keeping APIs at the core of what we do.

Our first release will support the following functional areas/use cases:

  • When you add an Infoblox Resource, it will import the IP aggregates under management, VLAN data specified and any objects underneath the Infoblox Appliance(s) will be imported as Child Resources
  • IP aggregates will be allocated to the Infoblox Appliance(s) Resource(s), then IP assignments to will be made to Child Resources linked to the parent Infoblox Appliance(s) (using ProVision sub-assignments feature)
  • When you add an Infoblox Resource, it will import any DNS zones associated with the Infoblox Appliance(s) and associate the Zone(s) as owned by the Infoblox Resource
  • When you make an edit/change to a DNS zone (via ProVision GUI or API) the zone will be updated on the appropriate Infoblox Appliance(s) assigned to that zone
  • Note that IP data is “read only” at this time for IP space managed by Infoblox appliances, all other non-Infoblox IPAM functions (including ARIN SWIP and RIPE integrations) function normally.
  • For each Infoblox Appliance Resource, there will be an individual dashboard showing utilization data for all aggregates managed on the Infoblox Appliance.

Roadmap functions to integrate (Q1 2017):

  • DHCP scopes seem like a natural extension of functionality. If DHCP functions are enabled on the given Infoblox Appliance(s), ProVision will enable the DHCP Configuration Gadget for the Infoblox and enable configuration building and management (similar to our ISC Connector)
  • If DHCP scopes are enabled, ProVision will import the IP blocks and DHCP Scope data and associate it to the DHCP Object
  • IP data can be updated/managed from ProVision and updated in linked Infoblox Appliance(s). This will be an optional mode, read-only mode will still be available.
  • Allow for RIR integration options for IP data managed by Infoblox Appliance(s) and tying the IP allocation/assignment to a given Customer Resource
  • Global reporting across Infoblox Appliance(s) via Infoblox widget on the Dashboard

Here is the other good news – we parsed their WAPI so you don’t have to. We will be releasing our SDK to Github for this integration and hope to continue contributing similar SDKs as we continue building connectors to other systems (Cisco PNR is coming up next). We encountered some fun things with their API and our SDK will be useful if you want to build your own Infoblox integration or you can just use the ProVision API.

If you want more details or have any feedback on our roadmap for this connector, you can find us at

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