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Case Study: 6connect Aids Swisscom with Network Management Automation

by | March 7, 2019

In 2015, Switzerland’s largest telecommunications company, Swisscom, approached 6connect with a massive challenge of servicing a growing network of mobile, TV, and retail broadband customers. The telecom giant needed an agile and low-cost solution to provision networks, build scalable IT infrastructures, and manage a growing list of IP addresses. Not one to shy away from a challenge, 6connect stepped up to the plate and got to work.

Fast forward to 2019, and Swisscom shares their success using 6connect ProVision. First integrated with Swisscom’s cloud services, ProVision – our unique Dynamic Networking Provisioning platform – has now been deployed in two more company projects. The case study points out, “ProVision allowed [Swisscom] to automate IPAM to a level that we can now provision IT infrastructures fully automated. This eliminates the need for manual, excel style, administrations, and related errors or inconsistencies.”

As an added bonus, the cost of managing IP addresses and systems like DHCP and DNS decreased for Swisscom. These key features are built into ProVision and our DNP RESTful API can integrate with any network environment. With the help of our lightweight software, Swisscom is able to focus on what’s really important: great customer service.

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“We decided to move our rather complex IP address and DHCP management process to ProVision and it has worked out great for us!! The team at 6connect were very flexible and went above and beyond to accommodate our requirements and helped to make the migration as smooth and hitch free as possible. Kudos to the team @ 6connect!”

Premkumar Subramaniam
Head of R&D

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