Swisscom Case Study

Swisscom needed help. As a major telecommunications provider, Swisscom needed a robust IPAM system, not only for themselves but for a wide variety of third parties. Enter 6connect.


As a service provider, we manage IT infrastructures on behalf of our customers. As many of them also want us to manage IP address assignment on their behalf, we needed a solution that would allow us to manage IP address ranges. We needed to keep track of not only the aggregates we use internally and those of our customers but also all private ranges in use by various parties.

At the time we were really looking for a partner that was taking a different approach to IPAM in the Cloud. Traditional solutions were focused on Enterprises and we didn’t want to build our own solution. We actively scouted the market for startups in this area and 6connect stood out with their vision and solution.


6connect’s ProVision has been designed as a Service Provider solution from the start. Key features such as multi-tenancy, RBAC and API’s have been trivial to integrate into our systems and processes. ProVision has a relatively small footprint, so we could easily deploy it in multiple environments as needed.


Since the initial deployment in the Swisscom Cloud project, ProVision has been deployed in 2 other large projects within Swisscom. The cost of managing IP addresses and related systems (DHCP, DNS) has been lowered due to integration and fewer manual tasks. ProVision allowed us to automate IPAM to a level that we can now provision IT infrastructures fully automated. This eliminates the need for manual, excel style, administrations, and related errors or inconsistencies.

“We definitely recommend 6connect. Besides having a solution that has a proven track record over the last ten years, there is a strong team behind it. So far they provided us with solutions for our different use cases – in a short timeframe. The team has great knowledge and experience in the IPAM area, but more importantly, it is highly motivated to help us solve our challenges.”

— Stephan Massalt, VP Cloud Labs, Swisscom

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