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ProVision (IPAM, DNS, DHCP, Peering, API) Release Update – TLDR: 5.0 coming in October, requires php5.5+

by | September 30, 2014

We have been hard at work for our post ProVision 4.2.1 release. Our next version is slated to have some significant new features, including refactoring of some existing code around IPAM, DNS and Peering. The result is that we are doing way more QA than a typical incremental release – and that takes time.

As a result, our next release is version 5.0.0 – “4.2.2” just didn’t make sense since we are including so many new features.

We also are officially ending support for PHP 5.4.x for new releases. This means that we will only be building packages for PHP 5.5 moving forward.

So what’s in 5.0? Plenty – see the link to the Release Notes here. We touched almost every element from IPAM, to DNS to Peering.

As 6connect continues to grow and expand our ProVision features and products, we continue to appreciate the feedback and product ideas from our customers. We were able to get in quite a few big ones in 5.0 and will work hard to continue this.

We will be posting an update in the next week with a firmer ETA for the release once we get further into QA. We are also taking advantage of this time to clean up our documentation and make it easier to use.

If you have have any feedback, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

-From the 6connect Team

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