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Peering Update for ProVision

by | April 8, 2014

It’s been in progress for a while – but here is the official update for those that haven’t heard. Peering 3.0 is officially in alpha testing and getting feedback from customers.

We took a whole new approach to the Peering functionality along with even tighter integration of the various objects into the ProVision Global Resource Manager. This means a more cohesive user experience and improved API support.

This update also marks the migration to our new Connector Library. We are already using this approach for DNS and DHCP functions, but now we will be providing API level access to the routers as well if you want to create your own BGP configuration workflows.

Screenshots are below – and if you want to check out the platform in action or provide feedback, let us know!

Yours in unicorns and sparkles,

Pete Sclafani
6connect COO and Co-founder

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