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New Feature in 5.1.2 – Google Maps Integration!

We recently wrapped up our 6connect HackWeek and ended up with a few great feature ideas, including one new feature that will be going in the ProVision 5.1.2 release, scheduled for release later today.

Thanks to one of our Senior Engineers, Nalin Kuachusri, we were able to put together a useful integration for mapping IPAM data with Google Maps. It’s definitely a beta feature right now, but feedback is welcome – so send ideas to feedback@6connect.com if you think of a use case or additional functionality that would be useful.

With our 5.1.2 release you will see the Red Marker icon on the upper right – click on it to enable the Map view for your IPAM data.

*Note that you can set the Default View with the button/ dropdown on the upper right!

Google Maps Integration_Pt1

What are the requirements?

You need to use the Regions feature for your IPAM data. You will notice that the IPAM Admin screen for Regions now allows you to specify Address information for the purposes of mapping. If you are using airport codes for your Region codes, this should simplify things as it will identify those automatically. If you have multiple locations in a single region, feel free to update the Address data per Region so things aren’t jumbled together.

So how does it work?

If you are using Region data for your IP blocks, then you should see that data mapped out in the Map area. When you hover over the icon, you should see the aggregates associated with that Region and their utilization. If you click on the IP aggregate, it will take you to the IPAM Manage screen. Pretty simple – nothing too crazy, just a handy new way to visualize your IP data!

Google Maps Integration_Pt 2

Check it out and send your ideas to feedback@6connect.com.