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Introducing ProVision Jumpstart

by | January 5, 2015

ProVision Jumpstart: A complete solution for expanding and managing your network infrastructure. Extend, automate, and manage your network with the help of world-class software, expert engineering support, and fully customized integrations with your existing network.

Large-scale network management is hard

Developing and maintaining a distributed network presents many daunting problems. You may have hundreds or thousands of unique devices which need to interoperate seamlessly. You may be trying to deploy technologies like SDN, NFV, or hybrid virtualization platforms – and not lose sight of your legacy network infrastructure. Manually managing these network resources with home grown scripts and static files is error-prone and labor-intensive, and becomes prohibitively expensive as your network demands grow. On top of that you have critical data coming from numerous sources, and it can be challenging to get a broad view of your system when so much of the valuable information is stuck in a variety of isolated silos. This data needs to be integrated into a single system to be most effective, but integrating a variety of data sources is not a trivial process.

Automation and centralized control to the rescue

As long as you are manually managing your network resources, your network’s growth and stability will be severely limited. At the same time, developing ad-hoc solutions in-house is costly, time-consuming, and ultimately fragile. Fortunately, you do not need to reinvent your entire network topology (i.e. the wheel). 6connect has spent years developing ProVision, a software suite for managing networks that scale up into the billions of devices.

ProVision solves all of the most common pain points associated with network management. It gives you a robust resource manager so that you can finally track all of your relevant network assets in one place. It uses a global permissions structure, for fine-grain control over user permissions and groups for any and all nodes of the network and easy delegated administration workflows. It provides automation tools for common tasks like IPv4/IPv6 subnet allocation management (including tiered deployments down to individual IPs), DNS zone editing, DHCP scope configuration, and BGP session management. All of these tools are accessible through a RESTful API so that integration with your current system(s) is as easy and flexible as possible.

Jumpstart: Getting from here to there

The ProVision Jumpstart program is designed to bridge the gap between where your network is today, and where it needs to be so that it is robust and cost-effective. We provide experts to help determine your best path forward, as well as the engineering support to put that plan in action regardless of your current network setup. Beyond that we continuously analyze your implementation so that we can help you meet and exceed your business goals.

How it works:

  1. Kickoff – From day 1 you are given access to an account manager and data analyst. They work with you side-by-side to clean and import your existing data, develop a clear implementation plan and timeline, and setup training sessions as needed.
  2. Personalized training – Training sessions are tailored to your particular needs. Your operating environment is unique and so must be the training that you receive. Your account manager is always available to schedule additional training sessions as needed to make sure that ProVision is reflecting your project.
  3. The product evolves with you – Your account manager captures your feedback, pain points and usage notes, and uses that to refine our product roadmap or uncover additional training opportunities. Our engineers are constantly improving our product, and you will influence and benefit from those changes.
  4. Responsive support – Your account manager reads all support requests, and ensures that they are prioritized and escalated as needed. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over phone, email, and the web.
  5. Results analysis – Your application usage and use-cases are evaluated to ensure that the implementation is on track for your deployment goals and business objectives.

Developing an effective network infrastructure requires careful planning, deep expertise, and the right set of tools. It’s not enough to install some software and walk away. Your network is unique, and so must be your solutions and support. We have created ProVision Jumpstart for exactly this reason: to help you take your network from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow. Whether you are developing an advanced company intranet, or a global public network with billions of devices across multiple hypervisors, we can get you there. Where would you like to take your network?

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