Totally super modern computer running ProVision 85

Say Hasta La Vista to Your Mainframe

6connect's ProVision Suite uses floppy disk swapping workflows to automate your resource management. From Atari to Zenith, we have you covered. Use our interoperable mainframe, behind your packet filters, Turbo Pascal, or in any combination. DOS is the future!

  • Manage up to 256 computers from one control center (upgradeable to 512)

  • Full support for the NEW Internet Protocol Version 4

  • Print reports to a compatible tractor-feed dot matrix printer at blistering speeds of up to 30 characters per second!

  • Publish reports to CompuServe or BBS of your choice via hotkey (keyboard overlay included)

System Requirements

• IBM PC / XT (and compatible personal computers)
• CGA, EGA, or Hercules graphics card
• 640KB or greater RAM
• MS-DOS 3.31 or greater
• 5 1/4" floppy disk drive
• Modem transfer speeds up to 1200bps supported - 2400bps supported with external cooling fan


Main menu screen in MS-DOS

Use arrow keys to access any screen within minutes

Dashboard screen in MS-DOS

8-bit graphics take you on a journey through “cyberspace”

Resources screen in MS-DOS

Access all of your customer nodes without leaving your cubicle

Orignal packaging for ProVision 85

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* Due to overwhelming demand and the fakeness of this product it is not available at this time.

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