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6connect & HexaBuild Announce Transformative Partnership

by | January 29, 2019

San Jose, CA – January 29, 20196connect is pleased to announce a partnership with HexaBuild, an IT professional services consultancy with industry-recognized IPv6 expertise, in a joint mission to drive forward industry change.

Both 6connect and HexaBuild recognize the need for enterprise networks to embrace IPv6, with its virtually unlimited address resources and capacity to provide for significantly increased scalability and operational efficiency. The legacy Internet protocol, IPv4, is officially exhausted, making IPv6 adoption inevitable worldwide.

“Our strategic partnership with HexaBuild will serve as a transformative business alliance that advances cloud services, security, and IoT with IPv6 and allows global enterprise clients to future-proof their networks,” said 6connect COO Pete Sclafani. “As a global leader in network resource management and provisioning systems, 6connect welcomes the opportunity to join HexaBuild in catalyzing the digital transformation revolution being built on IPv6,” he added.

HexaBuild provides a variety of transformation education services for their client base. 6connect’s ProVision platform for network provisioning allows global enterprises to centralize, automate and optimize key systems and processes – a requirement for adopting next-generation technologies and API-driven workflows.

Regarding the partnership, HexaBuild CEO, Ed Horley said, “We are excited to be partnering with 6connect to leverage their technology and talent. We particularly admire their long-standing IPv6 contributions and their ability to service and support customers in this area, some who are the largest service provider in the world. The 6connect executive leadership team and technical team are great to work with and we look forward to many partnered projects to help customers address their Cloud, IoT and Security needs with IPv6. Automation, workflow and orchestration are critical to the success of most of these projects and 6connect is well positioned to help our mutual customers in those areas.” – Ed Horley, HexaBuild Co-Founder & CEO


About HexaBuild

Co-founded by IPv6 industry veterans and thought leaders with a combined 50+ years of real-world experience, HexaBuild specializes in helping clients manage their existing and planned IPv6 adoption initiatives. The company’s team of experts provides IT professional services consultation and assistance with all phases of IPv6 deployment, including education and hands-on training, IPv6 readiness assessments, address planning and allocation acquisition, security auditing, and IPv6 cloud architecture and IoT integration.

With several publications in industry-recognized technology presses as well as multiple expert-level vendor certifications, the HexaBuild team offers unparalleled expertise and leadership in facilitating the IPv6 digital transformation revolution. The future of the Internet depends on IPv6, and HexaBuild is committed to accelerating the global shift to the new standard.


About 6connect

6connect is the leader in next-generation network resource provisioning and automation. 6connect’s unique ProVision platform enables centralized API-based provisioning of network resources across distributed and mobile networks, cloud platforms, software-defined networks, and data centers. Innovative customers like NTT Data, PCCW, Swisscom, Zayo Group, Flexential, and CyrusOne utilize DNP to accelerate service delivery time, accurately provision complex network protocols, and dramatically reduce network complexity and costs, while achieving industry change management and compliance requirements.

6connect is based in Silicon Valley and employs an engineering team that includes some of the world’s foremost experts in IPv4/IPv6 technology, network architecture design, and systems automation. To learn more about the company, visit 6connect at

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