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NANOG 87 Conference Recap

by | February 28, 2023

NANOG 87 was recently held from February 13 – 15 in Atlanta, GA. The event was, as always, a great success and featured many new ideas and insights from some of the brightest people in the industry. If you weren’t able to attend – either physically or virtually – we’d like to quickly recap some of the notable events below.

A Pair of Keynote Speakers

For those hoping to hear from some of the top professionals in this industry, NANOG 87 did not disappoint. There were two notable keynote speakers included in the schedule –

  • Elad Nafshi, Chief Network Officer at Comcast. This interesting talk focused on the future of 10G network technologies.
  • Michael Bailey, Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. Professor Bailey brings extensive research experience to the stage and speaks on the philosophy that he and his colleagues have developed over twenty years of work.


Experienced and Insightful Panels

While the dates for this gathering have come and gone, you can still extract significant value from the panels that were held. The content is freely available online for you to consume at your convenience.
As a starting point, consider the Network automation tools show-down, moderated by Cat Gurinsky. You might also want to take thirty minutes of your time to check out the presentation by Alex Latzko on Proper IPv6 address allocation practices. Direct access to the deep understanding of complex topics that these experts possess doesn’t come along often, so save those links and add them to your much-watch list.

Going Strong

The North American Network Operators Group plays a vital role in continuing to move the internet forward, and this latest conference is just another example of those efforts paying dividends. Be sure to monitor future NANOG events for more important developments in networking.

If you are interested in future events, you don’t have to wait long – there are two more NANOG’s scheduled for 2023. Seattle will play host to the organization in June, while the setting shifts to San Diego for a gathering in October. Whether in-person or virtually, you can mark those events on your calendar as great opportunities to further your career.

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