TDS Telecom Case Study

“6connect associates are knowledgeable with the Provision application and the space they work in… TDS would ultimately recommend Provision as a front runner to one of our peers if they were in a similar situation.” – Scott Zimmerman


TDS is in the broadband business and broadband is delivered by the TCP/IP protocol suite. In order to allocate addresses, maintain peering, adhere to address space allocations, update domain name services (DNS) and ultimately deliver service, IP address management is critical to our business.

Today, TDS uses a suite of disparate tools in order to perform necessary functions. Those tools are the end of life and end of support. It is necessary that we replace the tools with modern and extendable tools that allow business operations to continue and expand functionality and integration to reduce error and expose valuable business intelligence.


The ability to see what subnets could be assigned to routers that were a /24 and larger greatly improved our IPAM. We were able to put our private IP space into resource holders and sections based on our Firewall rules. This has allowed us to assign IP space more efficiently.

We are not actively using the peering module; however, this is expected to be a big benefit and we are planning to do so. 6connect recently made enhancements that were needed for us to use it.


The API has given us the flexibility to load and manipulate data in ways that we couldn’t do before. This is one the biggest improvements which we have gained. We have loaded, enhanced, and updated thousands of records using the API.  We can perform bulk updates with simple scripts rather than having to do data manipulation via SQL commands or manual entry.

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