Cloud Plus Pty Ltd Case Study

6connect offered Cloud Plus Pty Ltd the “extra-mile support” they were looking for as they deliver technology services and cloud infrastructure to enterprise customers.


Headquartered in Wynnum, Queensland, Cloud Plus Pty Ltd is a leading provider of private cloud solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand, with international offices serving Europe and Southeast Asia. In conjunction with numerous industry partners, Cloud Plus Pty Ltd has delivered technology services and cloud infrastructure to enterprise customers since 2010, winning awards along the way as it continues to heavily invest in R&D and provide cutting-edge solutions in a landscape of rapidly changing technology.

With many team members working together across different departments and geographies, Cloud Plus Pty Ltd had experienced difficulty collaboratively updating its database. The number of spreadsheets and various tools involved became challenging to manage via shared drives, notes NOC Team Leader Rica de Jesus.


Designed as a faster and more flexible cloud-based solution for Service Providers, 6connect’s ProVision Suite appealed to Cloud Plus Pty Ltd with its ease of implementation and various promising features. De Jesus notes that her team was able to use the demo online before turning the VM on, affirming the decision to use ProVision for their specific needs. She especially appreciates the logging feature where one can view users’ activity and track all changes in real time. As she puts it, ProVision “has made our life easy, and productivity has increased” as all team members across departments can access and edit processes from a single place according to individually set privileges.

6connect offers “extra-mile support,” de Jesus adds, pointing to ProVision’s library of built-in workflows that introduce dramatic time and cost efficiencies for Service Providers. The integrated PHP scripts, in particular, are a helpful feature the Cloud Plus Pty Ltd team has enjoyed.


As a result of deploying 6connect’s ProVision Suite, Cloud Plus Pty Ltd significantly improved its ability to provision new services and has effectively enhanced its service delivery process, fault management, and data consolidation. Highly satisfied with the quality and reliability of 6connect’s fully scalable product, Cloud Plus Pty Ltd also intends to make use of ProVision’s IP Address Management system in the near future.

“We highly recommend 6connect and the ProVision Suite. The 6connect team never ceases to enhance and upgrade this product. We want to thank everyone at 6connect for all the support we’ve received from them. They made sure to understand what we needed and were always willing to make enhancements in a timely manner.”

— Rica De Jesus, NOC Team Leader, Cloud Plus Pty Ltd

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