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Time to Rewind: Let’s have some fun on the internet!

by | September 5, 2018

There was a time not long ago when the internet was capitalized. Likes and pokes were topics of debate, and VCR dubbed recordings found their way onto YouTube, which you discovered while stumbling through Alta Vista. Some refer to this era of internet content consumption as “Happy Fun Time” – but the key here is Fun.

Every once in a while we find some little gems on the internet that are fun without being mean-spirited – and don’t result in a ridiculous song being stuck in your head (looking at you baby monkey)

In one of our recent trips down the content-memory lane, we joked about how creative you could get with business taglines and bombastic comparisons. We started googling some things, and sure enough, we found a few word generators that made us chuckle. But then we found the Something of Something.

We passed this one around and had some good ones, and then we got to thinking – how awesome could you make these business ideas?

Business Idea 1: The MSN of ninjas

  • I began thinking of a ninja but for reason covered in the multi-colored rainbow butterfly. Obviously not effective at night, but in a butterfly sanctuary – this works.

Business idea 2: The Bitcoin of faster-than-light cashew butter

  • This one sums it up perfectly – everyone has a nut butter experience, but faster than light? I don’t think so – it’s time to ride that ICO on a wave of calories.

Business idea 3: The New Balance of cacti

  • Tougher but doable – NB has a good balance of support and cushioning across a decent variety of price points. Maybe this applies to the mighty Saguaro?

So there you go – Happy Thursday, and enjoy a distraction from the news,  your insta-feeds or whatever Fortnite mode you revel in most. Expand your brain the way only clicking a button on an AI-controlled webpage can…

Of course, if you end up with an amazing word combo – make sure to hit Favorite so your luck can be shared with anyone else.


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