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Technology Partner Success Story: 6connect and Secure64

by | June 23, 2023

A Technology Partner Success Story: 6connect and Secure64

6connect’s partnership with Secure64 is now entering its 10th year, and we wanted to do a special highlight to showcase how our products and innovation have worked alongside Secure64’s DNS infrastructure solutions.

About 6connect:

Since our founding in 2009, the 6connect team has been dedicated to solving the frustration and problems that manual network provisioning creates for network architects, administrators, and operators. 6connect’s ProVision continues to solve all of the most common headaches associated with large-scale dynamic network provisioning. It provides automation tools for network management tasks like IPv4/IPv6 subnet allocation, DNS zone editing, DHCP scope configuration, BGP session management, and is built from the ground up using a robust API for easy integration to existing systems.  It provides network administrators with a centralized control panel to manage all network resources in one place and use a global permissions structure to delegate administration tasks for various use cases. 

6connect also works hand-in-hand with companies to set up customized/branded solutions for more complex infrastructure provisioning environments.

About Secure64:

Building on its custom SourceT secure platform, Secure64 was the first to offer a fully automated DNSSEC signer that could be deployed on the open Internet and the only FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified cryptographic solution without requiring additional hardware. Secure64 was the first to offer significant functional enhancements, such as synthesized PTR records for authority servers and real-time, on-premise DNS tunnel detection for caching servers.

Building on its core safety, security, and stability principles, Secure64 has applied its expertise and experience to its server products, now running on commercial bare metal, virtual machines, and cloud-native platforms. With our DNS-based defenses, DNS DDoS protection, security threat visualization and DNS management, Secure64 remains at the forefront of delivering complete DNS solutions. As Secure64’s product offerings have expanded over the years, 6connect has worked alongside developing new solutions and capabilities.

A Decade Long Partnership

The ProVision product is a natural fit with Secure64’s DNS Authority and DNS Signer products. Over the decade-long partnership, Secure64 and 6connect have been able to respond to unique customer requests and provide tailored solutions for even the most unusual operating environments. When we initially entered the partnership, our core features were based on managing DNS zones/records and IP addresses. We then augmented configuration management and expanded migration capabilities from other DNS environments through various ProVision connectors. In our latest ProVision 8 release, we have extended this approach to DHCP along with network scanning/auditing and other router friendly features.

One of the benefits of working closely with our technology partners like Secure64, is that we can support unique features easily that provide significant value for our respective customers. One example is SYNTH records. This feature improves performance and reduces memory usage for forward and reverse answers by dynamically creating rule-based query responses instead of storing a complete set of records. Secure64’s approach also allows for more efficient building and management of IP provisioning. 6connect was happy to integrate this type of zone record into the ProVision interface and ensure that customers could seamlessly use these advanced Secure64 features without needing to change any of their operational workflows.

In 2021 we officially launched support for ENUM provisioning – a critical functionality that underpins all mobile carrier’ ability to add, delete, and move mobile phone numbers.  It also enables users to make calls from anywhere in the world.  In this demanding real-time environment, Secure64 and 6connect have worked hand-in-hand to solve problems of performance, reliability, and resilience.  Constant developments and efforts are ongoing, with even faster, more scalable, and more resilient solutions on the way.

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