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Reminder – Mind your Poodle (SSL vulnerability)!

by | October 15, 2014

What is this Poodle?
Check out the PDF here

The short version is that SSL 3.0 has some issues that mean that if you value the security of your server hosting an SSL accessible service, then you should disable SSLv3 on any applicable systems that are affected.

Am I Affected?
Go to a command line and type:
s_client -connect $hostname:443 -ssl3

*Obviously – replace $hostname with the actual hostname you want to test

If you get an error – that’s good – that means this vulnerability does not affect that server. If you get a connection/certificate – that’s bad and you should fix it.

How to Fix It:
An article on implementing the fix is available here

It could be as simple as updating apache ssl conf file, but please reference the article above for your scenario.

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