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Provisioning in the Multi-Cloud: Part One

by | March 24, 2023

Saying that multi-cloud is the way of the future misses the point – that future is already here. Countless organizations have been attempting to get a handle on the organic adoption of multiple clouds in their organization and we see that trend only increasing in frequency. The IT goal of workload centralization has accepted the reality of federation models (aka clouds everywhere!). Unfortunately, multi-cloud provisioning increases the level of complexity with workload management and 6connect has some interesting approaches to make the multi-cloud scalable.

6connect ProVision acknowledges the realities of multi-cloud adoption and sees an immense opportunity to use our architecture to simplify multi-cloud provisioning. Legacy DDI platforms have built-in limitations that prevent scalability in the enterprise, while ProVision’s approach addresses these limitations from day one. Overlapping IPs? Duplicated environments? Multi-tenancy for easy management? Easy no/low-code automation and workflows? It’s time for your legacy DDI to catch up to the future, and 6connect can help you.

Automation Done Right

Automation is a common point of discussion in recent years, and some of it has been more reasonable than others. In some cases, automation is a promise that doesn’t quite deliver on what it says it will bring to the table. It can be challenging for Operators to make automation happen due to a variety of factors – from incomplete API documentation to uncovering performance challenges due to inadequate interfaces. 6connect’s API-first approach means that documentation is accurate, easy to test, and performant.

When you are tasked with provisioning, automation is a natural fit – but the challenges are not the automation itself, it’s how to recover when automation goes wrong. As any developer knows, automating workflows is the easy part, the hard part is how to reduce risk while you do it. Real automation takes this into account and 6connect’s solutions understand this dynamic. If you roll out automation that causes outages – that’s not automation that can be used in production. Why waste your time and introduce risk in your organization? You have revenue and uptime tied to automation, so you need an approach that understands this importance.

With the expansion of multi-cloud, Automation and provisioning are a perfect match, especially when it comes to multi-cloud environments. Suddenly, the use of an advanced platform to automate the many different tasks that need to be completed under the umbrella of provisioning has opened up countless possibilities – all without becoming a drain on IT department resources. But like any automation – if your automation approach doesn’t reflect the importance of infrastructure to your business, you introduce risk – so choose wisely!

The Right Answer

Given the name, it’s no surprise that ProVision is the perfect solution to your provisioning problems. 6connect has worked hard to make sure ProVision is the comprehensive solution that IT departments need to keep their multi-cloud structure functioning properly day after day. Ask for a demo today to learn more.

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