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ProVision 5.3.1 going live!

A small release before the holidays kick in. ProVision 5.3.1 is going live next week with some new items.

Key features include:

  • Connector for Cisco Prime Network Registrar(PNR) – we have added support for this Cisco DHCP platform and integrated a variety of a new DHCP API Endpoints for simpler automation. This Connector is built using the Cisco PNR’s native REST API. We added some automation components to ease the integration effort for customers that wanted to do more automation tasks.
  • VLAN Metadata support – ProVision’s VLAN Manager brought additional capabilities for multiple domains. Customers asked about how to bring in
  • IPAM Reporting API endpoint – Report by Mask endpoint that provides by-mask breakdowns of total IP addresses, assigned, allocated, in holding, available, assigned %, holding %, available %, and allocated %.

You can find the release notes here.