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ProVision 5.1.0 – Feature Spotlight – IPPLAN Importer

by | June 10, 2015


One of the biggest hurdles to getting your IP data in order is just moving the data to the right place and in the right format. While our importing tools have improved substantially over the last few releases, we figured it would probably be helpful to build some Import Connectors for IPAM data, just the same way we do with DNS.

A New Toolkit for a New Release

We have also released our Toolkit for a few releases (CLI based programs located at /tools) and figured this would be the best place to start with this type of utility.

The result is our first Connector for IPPLAN. Here you get the ability to import your IP data into ProVision. We provide two mechanisms to do this:

  • Generating CSV files via the command line, then using the ProVision IP import function in the GUI to import the file(s)
  • Full CLI-based import solution that bypasses the ProVision GUI completely

For detailed instructions, you can check out the documentation here:

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You’re on IPv4.

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