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NANOG 68 & ARIN 38: Conference Recaps

by | October 25, 2016

Dallas, Texas was the hub of tech chatter last week, especially for network operators. NANOG 68 and ARIN 38 took place consecutively; NANOG 68 was from October 17-19th, followed by ARIN 38 on October 20-21st.

NANOG attendees gathered at Fairmont Dallas, where they were provided with a great opportunity to freshen up skills, learn advanced networking techniques, discover new applications, as well as discuss intriguing policy issues. In addition, the meeting venue provides ample space for informal meetings, conversations, and a chance to network with industry peers and leaders.

The program included presentations that cover technology already deployed or soon-to-be deployed in the Internet. The following topics were covered during the conference:

  • Global internet connectivity and reachability
  • Network configuration automation
  • DNS current topics and updates
  • Network design evolutions and implementation
  • Operator experience with backbone and network edge deployments

The meeting opened with Scott Bradner and a history of the IANA.

Here are additional highlights from Twitter:

ARIN holds open, biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings where attendees gather to discuss draft Internet number resource policies and network with colleagues. Folks gathered from October 20-21st for ARIN 38. Specifically, members discussed eight recommended and draft policies, the latest software developments, and ARIN Elections for the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council (AC), and Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC).

Here are additional highlights.

On Friday, the final day of the conference, hackers used publicly available source code to assemble a bot-net army of internet-enabled devices, and then directed those devices to send extensive junk requests to a DNS provider, DYN. The result of this attack was that consumers could no longer reach popular websites including Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, etc. The attack came just hours after DYN researcher Doug Madory presented a talk on DDoS attacks at NANOG. Madory’s talk was called “BackConnect’s Suspicious BGP Hijacks”.

More to come soon on the blog about the DDoS attack.

We look forward to seeing you at the next NANOG and ARIN events!

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