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NANOG 66 / Peering DB Recap by 6connect CEO Aaron Hughes

by | February 12, 2016

NANOG 66, held in San Diego this week from February 8-10, offered plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues, freshen-up skills, learn advanced networking techniques, and discover new network applications. The conference certainly met our expectations, from the content, attendees, to even simply the perfect weather in San Diego. Our CEO, Aaron Hughes, spoke during the Peering Track.

Hughes discussed PeeringDB 2.0, Membership / Governance, Committees, April 2016 Election, and Sponsorship during his presentation.

PeeringDB is a freely available web-based database of networks that are interested in peering, which has become the default location for Internet peering data.  PeeringDB 2.0 was launched back in March 2015. Since the PeeringDB organization was formed in December 2015, three board meetings have been held and 86 members registered and voted in the first election. The next PeeringDB board election is in April 2016 and five seats are up for election. The current board serves through April 2016 and the online election will be held in April. If there is interest or questions around the elections, role and responsibilities, or time commitments, email The full video from Hughes’ presentation should be available soon.

Other highlights from the conference include ARIN’s public policy consultation, in which they discussed the following policy proposals:

  • Draft Policy ARIN-2015-2: Modify 8.4 (Inter-RIR Transfers to Specified Recipients)
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2015-5: Out of region use
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2015-7: Simplified requirements for demonstrated need for IPv4 transfers
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2015-11: Remove transfer language which only applied pre-exhaustion of IPv4 pool

Here are some more highlights from the conference and Twitter stream:

It was a pleasure meeting all of our new connections; we look forward to seeing you again at the next NANOG event!

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