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IPv6 Quiz Results Revealed!

by | March 22, 2021

Since we have to wait just a little bit longer to do our pub quizzes in person, we thought a virtual quiz would be fun… Survey results can be incredibly helpful in finding out about your audience, and what they need (or what they find interesting). So we designed and created an IPv6 quiz that helps us understand what people already know about this new(ish) shift in technology.

Nobody wants to see a quiz answer that is overtly general. So our IPv6 quiz was full of really juicy tidbits, like this one:

In what year will the IPv4 pool of addresses be depleted?

Trick question: they already have!

Many people are unaware of just how big and important IPv6 is to the infrastructure of the web. So big, in fact, that many dictionaries don’t have the word “undecillion” in it, yet – a word that we need to describe how many addresses there are in the new protocol.

(It may be just easier to say there are more IPv6 addresses than grains of sand on the earth.)

The best part of running a survey like this is reading the responses we get from amazing people who follow us. Our community blew us away because they REALLY know their stuff. We heard your feedback and we LOL’d right along with you…

Take for example @treysis who told us via Twitter that even though we may not need NAT with IPv6, this question is tricky (and maybe intentionally so!) because it’s already a part of the new protocol.

And we also loved this response from Peter Green (@plugwash). Yes, “need” was a strong word and we appreciated the feedback. Tough but fair, man!

We appreciate the hundreds of responses to the survey and all the feedback we got. Thank you!

“We decided to move our rather complex IP address and DHCP management process to ProVision and it has worked out great for us!! The team at 6connect were very flexible and went above and beyond to accommodate our requirements and helped to make the migration as smooth and hitch free as possible. Kudos to the team @ 6connect!”

Premkumar Subramaniam
Head of R&D

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