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DDI in the Multi-Cloud: Part Two

by | March 30, 2023

The days of being able to feasibly manage your network manually have been left in the past. In fact, it’s not even about managing a “network” anymore, as that word is almost always used in the plural form these days. It’s all about automation and flexibility as you aim to keep a complex multi-cloud operation on track. DDI in the Multi-cloud presents the agile enterprise with a variety of challenges. Namely – the multi-cloud does not address legacy DDI issues and in fact makes those more challenging to address. With the increasing complexity of multi-cloud, the role of DDI is shifting and enterprises need to have other options that can evolve with their new business requirements.

The Power of a Platform

A unified, structured platform that can handle all of your DDI requirements is what is needed in the modern landscape. Using a spreadsheet or individual, basic software solutions for tasks like IP management and DNS services is only going to leave you with headaches and a mountain of conflicts to resolve. As you deploy automation among different environments, having a DDI software platform that can manage your legacy DDI alongside your new multi-cloud environments is of significant value.

An advanced DDI platform provides you with two key benefits – finally getting unified visibility into your legacy DDI environments, and providing seamless integration with cloud providers. 6connect’s family of solutions is meant to address these challenges directly. With our unique 6connect ProVision software, you have a quickly deployed answer to “where is that IP?” along with the more difficult “where should this workload go?”. Our metadata-centric approach enforces policies in a user-friendly way while leveraging our robust family of Connectors for the integration points that allow your infrastructure to grow in functionality, without hitting your budget.

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6connect is here to make your IT life easier. Through our powerful ProVision platform, you can find solutions to the trickiest multi-cloud issues. It all starts with a demo from our talented and friendly team, so reach out today to get started.

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