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Changing the Game – Part 4 – An API Made for Hugging

Introducing koalAPI(™) – the API that loves to integrate! One of our recent features that has been crucial to our integration efforts – koalAPI.  It allows creating API endpoints inside of ProVision on the fly.

So what does this mean?

An example of this feature is our Observium integration – it has a wealth of information for objects being monitored. With our koalAPI, we can generate on-screen gadgets using Observium’s own API, but depending on what screen the gadget is on, the data will use the relative Resource identifier.

In this example, we can import a hierarchy of objects/devices from Observium (see below):

observium workflow

Now when you go to a Server Section object “server1.6connect.com”, with the Observium Gadget enabled, you can get additional details. This means that with a koalAPI-enabled Gadget, you can:

  • See real-time graphs of Resource CPU utilization (or anything Observium sees)
  • Execute a command on a given Resource (via ProVision Connectors)


There is more to come as we release more tools for ProVision administrators to build their own functions and upload them to their instance. We also see an opportunity to expand our SDK and have a way for customers, developers and technology partners upload and share them as both free and premium content. Stay tuned for more updates!