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6connect and Secure64: Secure, World-Class DNS and Network Provisioning

by | January 27, 2015


It’s no secret that network security is an increasingly important and challenging issue for companies in 2015. The last year has seen some of the most high-profile and costly network attacks in history. At the same time, there is an unstoppable drive to grow networks to greater and greater scales. These two dynamics require deep expertise and robust tools in order to be handled effectively and efficiently. With this in mind, 6connect and Secure64 have partnered up to provide elegant and robust solutions for DNS and network resource provisioning.

Secure64: Security from the ground up

In 2002, Secure64 set out to build the most secure networking platform on the market. The result of this effort was the development of SourceT®, Secure64’s patented micro OS. SourceT was built from the ground up to prevent the most pressing security threats including rootkits, malware, and high-volume network attacks. Because security was the paramount consideration from the very beginning, the platform eliminates the need to harden operating systems, patch applications, and install separate network security devices. Many of today’s embarrassing, high-profile network attacks can be completely sidestepped using this secure platform.

Just how secure is Secure64’s platform?

  • SourceT was chosen by the Department of Homeland Security for the development of a secure DNSSEC application.
  • After extensive testing, the independent security research and development firm Matasano Security found SourceT to be impenetrable.
  • DNS applications built on SourceT were tested by Extreme Labs and found to be highly resistant to large-volume network attacks.

A focus on DNS

After developing a foundationally robust and secure platform, Secure64 began focusing on delivering a world-class suite of DNS products which take security and availability to new levels. They developed Secure64 DNS Authority, an authoritative name server application which is always available- even in the midst of a network attack or restart. Secure64 DNS Signer is the world’s first completely secure and easy to use DNSSEC key management and zone signing application. Secure64 DNS Cache provides the fastest DNS caching performance, per core, of any other on the market. Like DNS Authority, DNS Cache is not BIND-based and is immune to all BIND security vulnerabilities.

The big picture: Enter 6connect

While Secure64 focuses on robust and highly-secure DNS applications, 6connect delivers applications to ease the burden of the broader issue of network resource provisioning. Network provisioning is a hard problem to solve, particularly when trying to scale a network to the sizes required by today’s global environment. Ad hoc and manual solutions work for a while, but they will never allow a network to comfortably scale to potentially billions of devices. 6connect solves this problem through their ProVision suite of software. According to Mark Beckett, VP of Marketing at Secure64,

“Secure64’s customers are some of the largest Communication Service Providers in the world. They need a turnkey network resource management and DNS solution from a single vendor that has the scalability and security that they require. We partnered with 6connect because their architecture was built to solve the scalability challenges of today’s complex and evolving networking environments. Now that Secure64 is able to resell 6connect’s ProVision product suite, we are able to provide customers the most scalable and secure solution available.”

ProVision solves all of the most common headaches associated with large-scale network provisioning. It provides automation tools for network management tasks like IPv4/IPv6 subnet allocation, DNS zone editing, DHCP scope configuration, BGP session management, and even includes a robust API for easy integration to existing systems. It gives network administrators a centralized control panel to manage all network resources in one place, and uses a global permissions structure to delegate administration tasks for various use cases. Beyond that, 6connect works hand-in-hand with companies to set up customized solutions regardless of what their network actually looks like.

Secure64 and 6connect: a whole greater than the parts

Secure64 provides best-in-class secure DNS server software, and 6connect brings to the table a complete suite of network provisioning software. The two companies have teamed up to fully integrate the two product offerings. Companies needing a complete turnkey solution for their DNS and network provisioning platforms can turn to either Secure64 or 6connect to receive the total package to meet their needs.

If there are two issues facing network administrators in today’s environment, they are unquestionably scale and security. There is no room for embarrassing attacks on DNS systems or scaling issues due to poorly-managed network assets. A failure in either of these errors is costly on a financial level and could be enough to irreversibly damage a company’s reputation. Fortunately, with the partnership of 6connect and Secure64, companies have a turnkey solution they can trust to alleviate these pains. If you want more information about how you can utilize these solutions for your business, contact us at or +1 (650) 646-2206.

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