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Announcing ProVision Version 8

by | January 14, 2022

Due to the extensive updates coming in ProVision 8 for ProVision 7 users, here is a blog post to give you the basics.

First off – some stats. This is one of our largest releases to date with over 80 improvements, 13 new features and 3 new Modules. Needless to say, there is something for everyone in this release and we have the QA logs to prove it. A big Thank You to all the customers that provided feedback during our various release phases. ProVision 8 also requires updates to environment dependencies – something to keep in mind with your upgrade path.

Starting with the obvious – new menus! Some menu options have moved around. Namely, Tree View was moved to a submenu of the IPAM Tab (#1). User Settings was moved under the new Settings Tab (#2) and the Help menu was moved to its own Tab (#3). This was part of a big push to unify the GUI elements across ProVision and make customization simpler.

One of the big new features is the official beta launch of our Scanning and Discovery module. Customers and prospects alike had the same problem – a source of truth for IP data is only as good as the last network scan. Previously, ProVision supported integration with network monitoring tools/platforms, but they were lacking both in features and APIs. We decided to build something from the ground up that allowed for more flexibility and could handle complex distributed and dual-stack networks. Thank you to our customers that provided test environments for our Alpha stage and we look forward to continuing to improve this module on its way to production.

There are many more improvements and enhancements as part of this release, for more details – go to the release notes

Thank you!

– The 6connect Team

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