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Here Come the Clones

So we had some requests on how to make using the Resource Manager easier with replicating data sets. Enter THE RESOURCE CLONER.


It’s a simple tool that copies a Resource (including the option of all the Child Resources) so you can setup provisioning tasks more easily. Fun fact – this is also an API endpoint, so you can use it in a variety of ways.

Still working on the location of the menu options – but you will see an interface like this:

6connect screenshot

Type in the Resource and it will filter the list as you type in the fields.

Once you click on “Clone Resource” it will bring up a new screen with the Resource you selected and its new name. Then you will be able to select options as below:

6connect screenshot 2

Note that all of the Gadgets and Fields are saved as you clone Resources, so it’s a great way to setup new objects and hierarchies.



This is currently in QA and will be released with ProVision 5.1.3.