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5 Things to Look for in Cross-Network Configuration Management Tools

5 Things to Look for in Cross-Network Configuration Management Tools

For carriers and hosting providers, a whole new level of network complexity has been added because large segments of their customers—and their customers’ customers—have unplugged desktops in favor of mobile devices.  In 2012, smartphone sales surpassed those of...

7 Reasons Why You Need IP Management Software Now

IP networks have become the medium for most commercial transactions, customer engagement, virtual workloads, and employee interactions. This makes Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) a core foundation of network management, bar none. But how do most network...

6connect Launches First Cloud-Based Network Automation Suite

ProVision Suite Designed to Help Service Providers & Enterprises Manage IP Networks In the Face of IPv6 Migration San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 1, 2012 – 6connect, Inc., the world leader in Cloud Controlled IPv4/v6 Network Automation, today announced at Interop in...

6connect Appoints Bill Bien as CEO

IPv4 & IPv6 Network Automation Pioneering Company Adds Strength to its Executive Leadership Team SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 17, 2012 - 6connect, Inc., the world leader in IPv4 & IPv6 Network Automation solutions, announced today the appointment of Bill Bien...

From IPv4 to IPv6

Making the Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 represents an important crossroads for growing technology companies. Leverage our team's depth of expertise to avoid the pitfalls that are inherent to legacy solutions. TCP/IP is the technology that devices use to interact...

100% IPv4 Utilization

100% IPv4 Utilization is a short term solution. We outline the problems encountered by those who have have forged head with insufficient research. 6Connect makes transitions an opportunity for improvement, instead of an invitation to crisis. There has been increasing...

Why IPv6 Matters

From multiple wireless devices per person, to massively dynamic virtualization, to the vision for a "smart" energy-efficient home and much, much more, everything in the entire world is becoming "connected" and this is giving rise to the "Evernet." But this can't...

What is Internet Protocol Address Management?

Goal: The number of web-based devices is expanding at an exponential clip, virtualization is making a very static environment dynamic, and now with the exhaustion of IPv4 and the oncoming complexities of IPv6- network operators must reevaluate what IP Address...

Software as a Service for Network Management

Software as a service can be best defined as using a hosted solution for software applications. It is called a service because the application, its access, and everything to do about its administration is hosted with another company offsite. The only concern of the...

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